BAWD : formulates Vision, Mission and Goals – a roadmap to a unified water districts in Bukidnon


by Goldy M. Herbas – MCWD Information Officer A

Malaybalay City – In keeping with its commitment to lead the water districts in the delivery of excellent water service in the province of Bukidnon, the Bukidnon Association of Water Districts (BAWD) lead by its President GM Ma. Socorro Esther Paluga, conducted a 2-day Vision, Mission and Goals Seminar-Workshop and Writeshop on July 18-19, 2019 at Haus Malibu, City of Malaybalay.

Since the BAWD was created, the association has served as the venue for discussion and center of information of the members concerning the operation and management of water districts. To better serve and align the association with its objectives, BAWD formulated its Vision, Mission, and Goals to ensure that it is performing towards a single purpose.

With the assistance of the Bukidnon State University Dean of the College of Business, Dr. Demetria May T. Saniel, the members of the BAWD collaborated in the formulation of its Vision, Mission, and Goals. Dr. Saniel, with her expertise facilitated and supported the association in identifying and developing a clear, well - defined and attainable vision, mission, and goals.

After a 2-day informative and fun seminar-workshop and write shop, BAWD has finally come up with its own Vision, Mission which states: VISION - A network of Water Districts of Bukidnon committed to ensuring water and sanitation at the core of sustainable development through integrated water resource management and effective governance, MISSION - We empower member water districts by collaborating for education, unification, and advocacy. We secure the future of water by harnessing the expertise and resources.

With the vision and mission, the BAWD also identified its goals that will guide the association in achieving its vision which are the following: Promote reciprocity by maximizing shared facilities and equipment, competence and talent, Champion the advocacy on environment stewardship through stakeholders’ engagement, Mitigate risks of conflicting interests, financial concerns and other water issues, Secure water sources, storage and distribution for water quality and quantity and Strengthen BAWD representation for future positioning of the interests of the organization.

Out of the ten (10) member water districts of BAWD, seven (7) water districts participated in the seminar-workshop namely Lantapan Water District, Malaybalay City Water District, Manolo Fortich Water District, Maramag Water District, Quezon Water District, Valencia City Water District and Wao Water District which were represented by the members of the Board of Directors and the General Managers of the participating water districts.

Having now its Vision, Mission, and Goals, BAWD will further aspire for effective implementation of the mandate of each member water districts and will transcend in the delivery of quality water service in the province of Bukidnon.