MCWD conducts Gender and Development (GAD) Orientation – Seminar Workshop

MCWD conducts Gender and Development (GAD) Orientation - Seminar Workshop

by Goldy Magbanua Herbas

Malaybalay City - The Malaybalay City Water District (MCWD) conducted Gender and Development Orientation - Seminar Workshop for its 105 employees consisting of Regular, Casual and Job Orders headed by its General Manager Glenrose T. Ledesma.

The GAD Seminar workshop was conducted in two (2) sets wherein the 105 employees were divided into 2 batches. The first GAD seminar was conducted on June 8, 2018 at Eifel Kubo while the second round of seminar for the 2nd batch was conducted on July 2, 2018 at the Gardens Party Venue, this city.

With the assistance of the Resource Speaker, Olivia Therezah Pajente – Pelagio, Registered Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Psychometrician, Guidance Counselor and presently the Probation and Parole Officer of the Department of Justice Parole & Probation Administration 10, the said GAD Seminar Workshop enlightened the employees on the fundamentals of gender development. Employees were also made aware of the different gender issues and causes and obstacles to personal development resulting to gender bias and gender stereotyping.

Ms. Pelagio, through her lectures and activities, emphasized the significance of Gender – Responsive Development Planning in recognizing gender inequality and different practices involving gender bias on women and its implications. She highlighted during the seminar the giving of equal opportunities to both men, women and even those differently abled persons and senior citizens in the society. She also pointed out that as public servants, it is important to be gender sensitive individuals wherein we can encourage our office workers and members in the society including our families to empower and maximize each other’s potential.

Through the GAD seminar workshop, MCWD employees also learned the different laws and international mandates where the gender mainstreaming was anchored as well as the national mandates governing women protection, GAD budget policy and provisions institutionalizing GAD concerns in the development planning process.