MCWD Officers

Board of Directors

The Board is the policy maker of the water district and its legislative body. All powers and authority granted by PD 198, as amended, to the water district are vested on the Board.

Wilhelmina S. Catane


(088) 813-5527

Atty. Jesus M. Barroso, Jr.


(088) 813-5527

Engr. Dante S. Domugan


(088) 813-5527

Engr. Jorge C. Lagumbay


(088) 813-5527

The Management

The General Manager with his employees, is the executive arm of the water district. PD 198 as amended gives him the exclusive responsibility in running the day-to-day affairs of the district. The District personnel under the General Manager is broken down into three (3) divisions, namely: Administrative/Finance, Commercial Services and Engineering/Production divisions. Each division is supervised by a division manager.