Response to the August 2022 Water Interruptions of Malaybalay City – PrimeWater Malaybalay City Management

Dugang kasayuran ug klaripikasyon ang gipadangat sa PrimeWater Malaybalay City (PWMC) Management mahitungod sa mga WATER INTERUPTIONS nga atong nasinati ning syudad sa Malaybalay sa niaging bulan sa Agosto, 2022.

“The PWMC-MCWD water sources are a mixture of five (5) surface water and six (6) operational underground water sources. One of the surface water sources is from our bulk supplier, the Malaybalay City Government Water Supply System (MCGWSS) which constitutes 78% of the water distributed in the network. For the month of August, the MCGWSS have 12 water interruptions, nine (9) of which is due to the repair of damaged 16" raw water transmission line and three (3) due to heavy rainfall that resulted to very high turbidity of raw water which is beyond their capacity to process. The raw transmission line of MCGWSS started its operation in the year 2005 that is 17 years old pipeline. Due to wear and tear and progress in the Kibalabag area, where said line is located, soil erosion, landslide, and any other movement of the ground causes damaged to the structure that supports the pipeline, thus the frequent leakages of the transmission line. Whenever interruption occurs from our bulk supplier, the water supply recovery in the southern part of our service area takes at most 5 days to be back to normal. However, due to the frequent interruptions experienced for the month of August, recovery in our distribution line was not possible. To mention the dates of the interruption as posted in our PrimeWater Facebook page: August 1,4,6,11,15,16,20,22 and 28 for leakage repair, August 3,7, and 22 due to turbid water supply. And we have also a scheduled installation of 8" flowmeter at Casisang Bridge last August 25, 2022. For us to compensate the unscheduled and scheduled water interruptions water delivery was done to the farthest areas and air release valves were installed for the fast recovery of lines. Currently, plans for the improvement of water supply in Brgy. San Jose down to Brgy. Linabo and Brgy. Cabangahan are in progress.

We hope for your understanding and patience as we implement our plans for the improvement of our water supply in the City of Malaybalay.”