San Jose Ground Reservoir Project to help boost water supply

Malaybalay City – Six Barangays of the city of Malaybalay to benefit from the 500 cubic meter reinforced concrete ground reservoir project of Malaybalay City Water District (MCWD). This Ground Reservoir will provide improved water supply to the lower barangays of the city namely Barangay San Jose, Laguitas, Linabo, Aglayan, Cabangahan and Bangcud. Upon completion of this project, the existing BCT - Aglayan Transmission line will soon be divided into two (2) sections namely: 1) The BCT – San Jose Transmission/Distribution line and 2) The San Jose – Aglayan Transmission/Distribution line. This will finally deliver a more reliable and efficient water supply to the concessionaires living in the service areas.

(The photo below is the ongoing construction of the 500 cubic meter ground reservoir located at MCWD lot, San Jose, Malaybalay City)