Sawaga Clean-up Drive

Malaybalay City – In line with the celebration of the World Water Day 2015, the Malaybalay City Water District (MCWD) conducted a river clean-up at Sawaga last March 17, 2015. The clean-up covered a fifty (50) meter radius of the Sawaga River where the intake box of MCWD was located. This intake box is where the raw water is drawn to augment the domestic water required to supply the people and establishments of the city of Malaybalay.

The activity of the MCWD is a way of getting connected once again with the Sawaga River, the major source of water for Malaybalay from 1975 until the time when the Kimambong Water Supply was made operational sometime in May 2005. Currently, Sawaga River augments the much needed domestic water that is sourced-out from Kibalabag River through the pumping of 160 cubic meter per hour of “raw water”. This water is then subjected to a series of treatment and mixed with the water coming from the Kimambong Treatment Plant to supply the Depot Area.
Aside from getting re-connected with MCWD’s former major source of water, the river clean-up of Sawaga is also a way of awaking the consciousness of employees of the District of the state of the river and its irreversible impact to the people of Malaybalay.

The state of the river, as source of domestic water, is one of the issues that is being highlighted during the yearly celebration of the World Water Day. It can be recalled that in the year 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 22 as the World Water Day. This is the day when all the nations around the world discussed the different issues concerning the value of water to life and to development. Hence, this twenty-second’s year of celebrating the World Water Day revolved around the theme: “Water and Sustainable Development.”